How we do things

Process Mapping

System of capturing key process steps to the required level of detail, to identify problems

Six sigma

A structured problem-solving methodology that drives business improvement


Process of reducing waste, managing speed and throughput of production-line type processes

Process Mapping

Process mapping is a system of capturing key process steps to the required level of detail, to either explain the process or identify problems within the process.
Process maps are know by other names such as;
-Flow charts
-Activity diagrams.
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Six Sigma

Firstly,Six Sigma is just a measuring scale.
It's a measure of 'comparative quality' using defects per million opportunities e.g. 3.4 defects per million opportunities.
Secondly, Six Sigma is also a methodology that links process improvements to business strategy by using a proven tool set based on D.M.A.I.C. framework for driving and achieving transformational change with an organisation.
Thirdly, Six Sigma is a project based improvement process that focuses an organisation on:
-Customer requirements
-Defect reduction
-Variation control
-Analytical rigor
-Team work
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A set of tools and methodology that originated in the manufacturing in
post World War II Japan.
Adopted and expanded upon by U.S. manufacturers to increase
competitiveness in the 70's and 80's

Essentially L.E.A.N. is about reducing waste, managing speed and through-put of "production line" type processes, by using step by step, time tested methods.
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