How we do things


Business Problem Solving
In recent times, the Director of C.I. UK has been involved large scale business rationalization programs. C.I. UK created the blueprint which identified cost savings in excess of 1 million (GBP) on a 10 million (GBP) budget.

Business Process Mapping
C.I. UK are specialists at mapping your business processes. The task of mapping your existing business processes in detail is essential before any improvements can be made. This task also assists in identifying where the gaps and capacity may exist. C.I. UK has the tools and experience to identify the gaps and spare capacity on your business.

Business Process Analysis
Our organization has the experience to collate key data and analyze it in a structured manner, so that key management decisions can be made. This means that you will be making informed decisions based on facts, not intuition.

Business Change and Transformation
C.I. UK has a wealth of experience in creating and managing significant change programs. All key stakeholders will be informed and including as your company moves the current environment to your goal position.

Customer Service Excellence
C.I. UK are committed to instilling and providing customer service excellence. This commitment exists for both our service to you and the change management programs we design and implement on your behalf. If it does not add value for you and your customer, we will not do it.

Asset Management
The Director of C.I. UK was extensively involved in a large scale asset management project overseas for 2 years. As the lead Business Analyst he was instrumental in creating and developing the current asset management system for Christchurch City Council N.Z. This system manages all aspects of the organizations infrastructure e.g. roads, pipes, parks, buildings. He is experienced in all aspects of asset management system design and implementation.